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We provide simple, clean functional websites for those who have a restricted budget.  Many of our current projects are churches or charities, not-for-profit organisations or small businesses.  We seek to meet your needs by offering a range of options, both cutting edge and basic, so that you can select the kind of site that will suit your budget. 
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Address: 17 Wentworth Close, Hadleigh, IP7 5SA
Mail: caroline-kent@outlook.com
Phone: 01473 823671
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Caroline Kent

Caroline is a self-taught web builder who realises that many non-profit organisations and small businesses don't have endless resources for funding a website.  She has built and manages a wide range of sites, mostly because she enjoys it! A non-programmer, Caroline can't necessarily offer everything the 'big boys' can but, on the other hand, she won't charge an arm and a leg for what she can offer!

You may be surprised at what is possible on a low budget...
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