Domain Name: (if needed)  £10 - £30 per year / two years depending upon the 'value' of the name. (If you already have a domain name the renewal fee will remain as it was with your old plan)

Hosting Plans:  Between £30 - £50 annually (if you already have a hosting plan it should be possible to work from that providing all the login details are available)

Design Plans:

£450 : One off initial payment for the setting up of a responsive site (which automatically adapts to mobiles, tablets and desktops / laptops.)

  1. Up to 10 page simple site £400 
  2. 11 -  20 page simple site £600 
  3. Up to 20 page 'responsive' site £1000 (includes client management system for updates of content, variety of complex features such as contact forms, click to call, maps, e-commerce)
Maintenance Plans*: 
  1. No change to site after build (client makes no changes or makes own content updates) simple monitoring and updates as needed. £60 annually
  2. Quarterly content updates** on behalf of site owners, done by  Caroline. £150 annually
  3. Monthly content updates on** behalf of site owners, done by Caroline. Pro Rata £40 per hour.
*Caroline will make updates and carry out maintenance as swiftly as she is able but clients are respectfully asked to take into consideration that Caroline is a 'one woman band' and that at least 48 hours notice (excluding Sundays) is requested for urgent unplanned changes and two weeks for major changes. Caroline will not engage in any business activities on Sundays.
**Content updates to include: adding text to existing pages e.g. notices of events, date/calendar changes, minutes of meetings, uploading .pdf documents, adding images.

Addition of Extra Pages / Sections to the site after initial design and build:
  1. Addition of simple pages £35 per page
  2. Addition of complex functions e.g.shopping cart, donation buttons, search, maps, databases, etc. £40 per hour pro rata (please ask for an estimate for particular features) 
Applications from clients for a site built by Caroline:
Caroline will be most pleased to hear from non-profit making organisations and charities.  She reserves the right to refuse to take on a Web Build if she feels she has not got the time to do a good job for the client or if the applicants are involved in any illegal, immoral or harmful practices.

Apply to have a Website built by Caroline

Need a new site built from scratch
Have an old site which needs updating
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