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Caroline Kent

Caroline is a self-taught web builder who realises that many non-profit organisations don't have endless resources for funding a website. She has built and manages a wide range of sites, mostly because she enjoys it! A non-programmer, Caroline can't necessarily offer everything the 'big boys' can but, on the other hand, she won't charge an arm and a leg for what she can offer!

Caroline began her career as a Primary School Teacher and, as she often seemed to be the only staff member who knew anything about computers, usually ended up being the IT coordinator! That was back in the 1990s when BBC computers and floppy discs were the hot new thing!

When she had to leave teaching through ill health, Caroline continued to 'fiddle' with 'tech' and built her first website for Morgan Consulting, now part of the Milliman group of actuarial consultants  and the company for whom her husband works.

Caroline continues her interest in teaching through running the East Anglia branch of Home-School Tutoring (for whom she built the mobile version of their site).  She has also been qualified as a counsellor since 2007 and built her own website with online booking system and the Suffolk Association for Counselling online directory or counsellors.

With several hats to wear, Caroline tends to look upon web building as more of a hobby and so she doesn't seek out volume of work.  Rather she prefers to build sites for small local organisations and especially for non-profit organisations.  The site she built for the Parish in which she grew up (East Hoathly with Halland), has saved the Parish Council thousands of pounds!
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